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Rollerball pen "Mentor" mahogany

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"If there's one thing I should have done earlier in my life, it's to hire even better advisors." John D. Rockefeller (American entrepreneur and first billionaire in world history)

A mentor advises, supports and passes on his wealth of experience to his mentee... and has been since ancient times, when the goddess Athena slipped into the form of a mentor when she supported her protégé Odysseus or his son with advice and action wanted to stand.

With the Mentor line of embers as a fountain pen or rollerball, you always have a masterpiece at your side that impresses with its pure, classic design and timeless elegance. The Mentor is a handcrafted quality product made from sleek chrome and high quality wood. It can be fitted with standard ink cartridges or with an ink converter for drawing ink from a barrel. The cap is equipped with a soft-click mechanism.


In the 18th century, mahogany became the most sought-after furniture wood in the world. But two centuries before that, it was used in shipbuilding. The reddish-brown mahogany with a slightly golden sheen has been considered a particularly elegant luxury wood in Europe since the 1960s at the latest. The mahogany tree is one of the jungle giants in its home countries. It can grow up to 60 meters high with a trunk diameter of up to 3.50 meters. The 1400 mahogany species grow wherever it is warm: in the tropics and subtropics of South America, Africa and Asia.
In our writing implements, we only use offcuts of mahogany wood that would otherwise not have been used. No tree is felled for our pens, as our certified wood comes exclusively from plantations in the Rohrer Forest. With more than 25 years of experience in tropical forests, Rohrer Forest AG offers you wood from environmentally friendly and sustainable management in the Dominican Republic. There, sustainable management is combined with a deep love of nature.


  • Rollerball, length 14 cm
  • Writing Weight: Light/Medium
  • Wood: solid mahogany, embedded
  • Body: rhodium-plated chrome steel

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Piktogramm eines Rollerball Stiftes
  • Rost

    Nappaleder in hellen, ockerfarbenen Erdtönen, passt am besten zu hellem Holz.

  • Cognac

    Dunkles, cognacfarbenes Glattleder mit leichtem Glanz. Ein besonderer Kontrast zu dunkel gemaserten Hölzern.

  • Asche

    Tiefschwarzes, leicht glänzendes Glattleder. Ergänzt und komplimentiert dunkle Hölzer.