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  • Hembo Kugelschreiber Cocobolo Detailaufnahme
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<transcy>Ballpoint pen "Lektor" cocobolo</transcy>

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"...Writing is human, editing is divine.", Stephen King (American writer)

A lector (from Latin lector reader, reader) is a master reader who takes the author by the hand, examines his work and points something out to him. He is significantly involved in the completion of the work and gives it the finishing touches.

The Lektor line of embers also offers writing implements of perfection. The shapely, lightweight ballpoint pen with a large refill consists of high-quality components and a high-quality push mechanism. The Lektor is our most popular model for customer gifts and offers a wonderful writing experience.


This tree from the Dalbergia retusa family grows exclusively in Central America. Cocobolo wood is also known as Rio rosewood. With its color tones from light red-yellow to deep brown-red and the strong grain, it creates a wonderful contrast and a very nice wood look. Since cocobolo has a great hardness and dense surface, it can be used to produce shiny and very smoothly polished surfaces.

Cocobolo is very popular in the production of musical instruments and handicrafts. High-quality knife or tool handles are also made from the precious wood.

We only use leftover stock for our writing instruments.


  • Set aus Druckbleistift, Länge 14,2 cm, Mine 0,7mm
    und Kugelschreiber, Länge 14,2cm
  • Schreibgewicht: Mittel
  • Holz: Cocobolo massiv, eingelassen
  • Korpus: rhodinierter Chromstahl
  • Rost

    Nappaleder in hellen, ockerfarbenen Erdtönen, passt am besten zu hellem Holz.

  • Cognac

    Dunkles, cognacfarbenes Glattleder mit leichtem Glanz. Ein besonderer Kontrast zu dunkel gemaserten Hölzern.

  • Asche

    Tiefschwarzes, leicht glänzendes Glattleder. Ergänzt und komplimentiert dunkle Hölzer.

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