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<transcy>Fountain pen "Autor" oak</transcy>

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"In his work, the author should be like God in the universe: present everywhere and visible nowhere.", Gustave Flaubert (French writer and novelist in the 19th century)

An author (from the Latin auctor "author, creator, promoter, instigator"), also called author, creates linguistic works and takes his readers into another world. Whatever the field or subject, the author manages to teach or delight people.

The Author embers line with a fountain pen and rollerball in a classic look will take you on a journey. High-quality wood with a unique drawing and grain offers exceptional writing pleasure. The fountain pen's handle allows it to sit wonderfully in the hand. The fountain pen is equipped with a high-quality nib and ensures excellent, fluid writing.


There is no tree that is as steeped in history and legend as the oak. For many Indo-European peoples, it was a sacred tree that was said to have magical powers and healing properties. In the Romantic era, the oak was a symbol of fidelity, strength, constancy...even immortality.

Oak wood is hard, robust and resilient. It is one of the oldest solid woods in the world. Due to its quality, it is highly valued in house, ship and furniture construction. Its grey-yellow to grey-brown wood coloring ensures a noble and harmonious look.


    • Fountain pen for converter and cartridge operation, length 14.2 cm
    • Writing weight: medium, approx. 85 g
    • Strictly limited to 200 copies
    • Wood: 400-year-old oak wood, natural-colored protective coating
    • Body: rhodium-plated chrome steel

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    • Rost

      Nappaleder in hellen, ockerfarbenen Erdtönen, passt am besten zu hellem Holz.

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      Dunkles, cognacfarbenes Glattleder mit leichtem Glanz. Ein besonderer Kontrast zu dunkel gemaserten Hölzern.

    • Asche

      Tiefschwarzes, leicht glänzendes Glattleder. Ergänzt und komplimentiert dunkle Hölzer.

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