Die richtige Pflege für dein Schreibgerät

The right care for your writing instrument

There are many different approaches and options when it comes to caring for writing instruments. In general, writing instruments should be treated with care. With frequent use, an interval of four to six weeks is provided in which the writing instrument should be cared for and cleaned.
First the writing instrument has to be opened, depending on the closure. With the rollerballs Eld, as well as Keeling and Bly, only the cap has to be removed and twisted at the base of the wood. All remaining writing implements have a rotary mechanism. To open it, hold the writing implement from behind and use a little force to turn the turning mechanism in the opposite direction to which the writing implement is opened.
The mine can then be carefully removed. The writing implements from Glutholz are made of hand-turned wood, which is why you should be very careful with any lubricants and oils, but also with alcohol, ammonia and bleach - you should rather distance yourself from this.
Wood is a very robust material, but you have to be careful when caring for it. Our wood is unprocessed - this means that these are neither oiled nor glazed. In terms of care, this means that the wood should be treated with a little lukewarm water. If there is gross wear and tear, natural soap can also be used to help. However, the following applies: less is more. After treatment, the wood must be carefully dried, otherwise discoloration and water stains may appear. If, on the other hand, the pores of the wood have collected dust, it is sufficient if the wood is carefully brushed with a fine brush - such as a horsehair brush.
The interior of the Glutholz writing instruments can also be cleaned without hesitation. After removing the lead, the housing can be rinsed out with lukewarm water. Here it is important to note that the housing should always be flushed in the direction of the ink flow. After the rinsing process is complete, all the components involved should also be carefully dried by hand.
Last but not least, an important care tip: The writing implements from Glutholz should not be exposed to the sun for a long period of time, as this can discolour the wood. It is just as important to protect the writing instruments from dust particles by keeping them closed. This prevents dust particles or other dirt from penetrating the pores of the wood.